Thursday, March 31, 2022

Gross Out by Duncan Ralston



Four "Gross Greatness" Stars

Twisted With A Splash of Craziness! 

A taste of what lies within:

The Splatterfest convention has come to town pulling horror authors from all over the world along with fans as everyone gathers and to also check out the Gross Out contest. The only problem is everyone wants to be seen and everyone wants to be heard along with some author gouging. 

Some of the authors have it in for each other and want to showcase against each other so what better place to do it than this convention. Though things might get a little messy and one eager beaver fan has some unsavory plans for one of his author idols which could turn this show into some bloodletting. 

The convention is turned on its ear when the authors go into a crazed mode with all kind of antics to show that their books are the best and they will do whatever it takes to be seen and heard!

That is about all I can give on a taste without giving away spoilers so you will need to read the book!


There are warnings on this book of having iron stomachs and this book is not for the weak stomachs! HEED THIS WARNING! This book is a no holds barred kind of book where if it is in the twisted mind of this author you can better believe that it will be on the page of this book! 

There are tons of "gross out" situations in this book and there are some blood laced throughout the book as well. Make sure you do not eat while reading this book or you will get sick and trust me when I say this because this book has major situations for what I would say that only "hardcore" horror fans could handle. 

Now onto the story itself - there were some cool things in this book as author Duncan Ralston dropped real horror author names in this book and even gave one of them a cameo appearance, but no spoilers here as you will have to read the book to see who that horror author is in the story. 

The concept of having all the horror authors in one place is just like those real conventions that they have and the author goes deep into this story with how it all plays out. The beginning of the book up to the 30% mark is a little bit of a slow burn but only because of world building and setting up characters, but the last 70% of the book takes off into the "gross and nasty" unknown! 

The author also brought back a couple of characters from his book Woom and the Lonely Motel makes an appearance in this book as well.

It might be best to have a barf bag next to your chair for this book and oh I would also recommend a "Gross" suit.  You all thought I was going to say "Gore" suit didn't you?! LOL  Not this time around as the Gore suit has been turned inside out for the Gross stuff! Also it is best to be covered head to toe with the Gross Suit as it will definitely be getting icky. gooey, slimey, and just downright nasty the more you delve into this book! 

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